The Run

I was asked the question: Why do you run? That is easy: It is the one thing I can do that  offers me that edge and sense of self outside of my teaching. And, being one who is in excellent shape, the reality of health is a major factor. My folks are cursed with blood pressure issues and diabetes; it is my goal to conquer this struggle; and yes, even with my 50 plus miles per week of running — I struggle with this; it is frustrating in that my body fat composition and weight are good.

Why marathons? Well, like any former high school and/or college athlete, it is the one thing I can still do as a weekend warrior that provides a rush. According to the October 2008 issue of Runner’s World:

Only one tenth of one percent of the U.S. population finishes a marathon every year.

I think this point sums it all up:

Running a marathon is a difficult personal goal that ordinary people can achieve. We may not be able to conquer ourselves by climbing Everest, but we can conquer ourselves by completing a marathon.

Most people do not have the athletic skill or coordination to compete in the Olympics or other similar high level athletic event. However running a marathon is a significant athletic goal that non athletic people can reach. No particular skill or coordination is required. One just has to be persistent enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other. There are even wheelchair divisions for those with physical challenges. The distance itself is hard enough that we do not have to finish first to be successful. Simply finishing requires conquering ourselves.

Why run marathons? It’s there, it’s hard, yet an average person can do it.


3 thoughts on “The Run

  1. When I was a kid in school, I feared running the sprints at the end of practice and other run-conditioning. Then, one Sunday morning in the seventies when grown and beginning not to be as active, my life was changed when I heard the late Howard Cosell interviewing a long distance runner. Howard said to the guy something like “You long distance runners are known for being able to experience pain.” The runner replied something like “Howard you have it all wrong………Running is a pleasure of the Flesh.”

    And he’s right!

  2. I’ve heard many people tell me that running, for them, is like meditation. I’m sorry; I just don’t see it. My brother in law tells me that mile 12 makes him want to vomit (want to vomit!), and I just can’t get behind that….

  3. I agree that when anyone sets their mind to something they can accomplish it even if it is a marathon. If you don’t finish first its okay because at least you finished. In middle school I was on cross country and track and also loved running but now I am not a huge fan. I wish I could go back to my middle school days and run like I use too.

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