Green Runner

My weekend consisted of marking papers, reading a number of journal articles, and running. In the end, I got very little done. Did I tell you that I ran? I did 24 miles on Saturday and another 12 miles on Sunday. I will push for a 100 mile week. Though this week seems big, next week will be very small;I am thinking 26 miles next week; I am slowing down late for this up coming marathon due to a slow training start. I have no choice but to be very productive in with the rest of my days this week; I still need to finish marking papers, finalizing my conference paper, and preparing for all three of my courses. I am going to run my coffee pot 24/7; I guess I should avoid the Merlot some this week.

In an attempt to record a top time, I will run with a pace group. I have never done this before; it is my hopes that they will carry me (figuratively) to the finish line. Based on my previous times, I was awarded a top starting seed in corral A.

You must qualify to be placed in Corral A and Corral B. Corral A and Corral B are now closed.

Seeded Qualifying Times:
Time Pace
Corral A (closed) 3:20:59 7:39:93
Corral B (closed) 3:45:59 8:37:14
Corral C 4:00:59 9:11:47
Corral D 4:30:59 10:20:12
Open Corral NA

A friend of mine told me how one of her colleagues, an avid marathoner too, is a green runner; I am considering this; if you have ever been to one, you know there is much waste. So, in an attempt to be green, I am going to run with a side bag to store my water cups. I hope to inspire other runners to do the same. Hey, I am inspired.


6 thoughts on “Green Runner

  1. Yes, but the weight of all those little cups by the end of the race, plus the time you’ll lose trying to shove them in your bag will add up.

  2. I agree. I am curious to see if this will even work. Before I try this experience, I will ask my pace-group leader. He will know more than me. Trust me, I will tell you once it is all said and done.

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