Late Dinner

Last night after a short six-mile run, I treated myself to pizza and wine with Janette and one of my former students, Lerin Rutherford; she is currently a second year student at Davidson College, an elite liberal arts school in North Carolina. I was privileged to have taught Lerin in both my AP U.S. History course and AP European History. I must confess that she was brilliant; I loved that she had an open mind to different ideas. At times, some of those ideas varied from what she knew, but she kept an open mind and challenged me (a great deal) when needed. Our conversations ranged from the number of books we have read or are reading, to a paper she wrote on the 1960s which I greatly enjoyed reading; I did admit to her that I find the topic of Woodstock to be historically insignificant, but she countered with a great argument of her own. Lerin is concentrating in history, but will take enough science courses to prepare her for medical school. As I stated last night, she is one of the very few students I have taught that can do whatever she wants to do. Though she was valedictorian at HCHS, she never limited herself to being a certain type of student.

Oh, besides my expertise in the field of history, my primary hobby is in fine wines and food. I am an expert on pizza. Really. If we all look dead tired, it is because we did not meet for dinner until almost 9:00 PM. Lerin is one of my favorites…


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