Alcohol, Health, and the President: Can He Drink?

OK. I will admit that I hate listening to music when on a run; better yet, as a blues man, I prefer to think; however, there is only so much one can think about while conducting a training run, as was the case for me yesterday. I did my last “real’ run for the week before this weekend’s marathon.  A 12  mile hop around Memorial Park. I have already accumulated too many miles this week…. I have logged about 40.

While thinking and running, I was pondering this question — Does the president or any president have the right to consume alcohol? Obama recently had a physical and the truth sort of came out Though he is thin and looks healthy, he could do better. George W. Bush, in my opinion, was a better athlete and more fit than Obama — at least at this stage in office. Obama, who has a professional staff to cook for him, often eats like a 17-year-old.

But the real question is that of alcohol consumption. A pilot cannot drink within a certain period…and even then, he must use “good judgment” on what he drinks and how much (as we all should as responsible and mature adults). Most Americans that work cannot consume alcohol during the work day. The president is always on duty…much like a medical doctor on call. Even when on vacation he must fully be in absolute control of his faculties. I do not know the answer to this, but I want to know your thoughts. I congratulate W Bush for defeating his battles with alcohol, now I suspect Obama must do the same with smoking; his health is absolute and in many ways he is responsible for it.


12 thoughts on “Alcohol, Health, and the President: Can He Drink?

  1. The smoking bothers me significantly more than the drinking. I know from experience that it’s possible to drink with extreme caution and still be able to do your job, even if your job is that of being president. Smoking, however, causes serious health problems that lead to sudden cardiac, lung, and other bodily system events that would not be good for the president, or anyone else for that matter, to have while on duty. I know there’s the school of thought that says, “He’s just a person and he’s allowed some vices.” That’s true, but he knew the 24/7 nature of the job when he took it and while it might suck that he doesn’t get to live out all of his liberties for a few years, he did know, to at least a large extent, what he was getting into. I liken it to people who choose Harding and then complain when they get in trouble for some rule infraction that they knew was a rule when they signed on to go there. Sure, the rules may be asinine, but you chose them, so you don’t get to (or shouldn’t get to) complain when you get in trouble for breaking them.

  2. I believe the president has the right to consume alcohol because he is just like any other human being, just of high status. I think he should be able to drink when he is taking a break and not working, just like the majority of the population do. Although I do not see anything wrong with the president drinking, I do believe that he should try his best to maintain healthy and fit. I don’t condone smoking at all, but the president should have the right to do so, just like all the other over 18 year old smokers have. If he does these things and people see a problem such as how he runs his office when drinking, then it should be abruptly stopped.

  3. does he have the right? yes, we all have the legal right to consume alcohol, its only if its a matter of interfering with his job. He is representing the united states of america and if he shows up drunk to an interntional meeting or something along those lines, well thats just not cool

  4. Legally? yes. Is it wise to consume alcohol when he is the president? probably not. a glass of wine at a state dinner, stuff like that, that’s okay. but when his drinking interferes with judgment and leadership, he should not do it. Smoking isn’t a good thing. And being the President ages you -the whole country is on your shoulders. GW Bush aged a ton during his 8 years in office. I think Obama should give up both vices because his health doesn’t need that strain.

  5. I believe the president does have the right to consume alcohol, but it should definitely come with restrictions. Just like for anyone else, drinking in moderation is okay. He should be able to have a drink at dinner, or while on vacation. As long as his drinking does not start to interfere with his job then it’s fine. As far as smoking, he has the right, but should not. The liver can handle appropriate amounts of alcohol, but the body however does not deal well with smoke. So therefore, in order to stay healthy and run the country he should not smoke.

  6. I believe the president should be allowed to consume alcohol but to an extent. He is just like any other person just with a higher status. Although if the president were to show up to an event drunk that would make him and America look bad. So the bottom line is that i think he can drink, but drink responsibly just like every other person should.

  7. I feel that there is nothing wrong with Obama drinking as long as it does not affect his job or decision-making. He definitely should not drink excessively, but an occasional glass of wine with dinner is fine. As long as he remains in good mental and physical health, I believe that he should be able to drink or smoke freely.

  8. I feel that there is nothing wrong with Obama drinking as long as it does not affect his job or decision-making. He definitely should not drink excessively, but an occasional glass of wine with dinner is fine. As long as he remains in good mental and physical health, I believe that he should be able to drink alcohol or eat food freely.

  9. Most people cannot even handle a regular day without the consumption of alcohol, so try running the most important job in the world and see how that feels. However, there should be restriction on the amount and on the time, which that is consumed. Smoking however has got to go! There is no excuse for anyone on in the whole entire world to smoke. I personally think that is on of the most disgusting and gross habits a person could have! The president is supposed to set an example for the whole country and smoking is far from that. Not saying that the president is gross or disgusting but the smoking is not helping anyone, and hurting the people close around him as well as himself.

  10. I came upon this same question working out as well! I believe the president should never be allowed to drink. 1. Nobody knows when a situation will occur during the presidents “off duty” time. 2. Moderation is different for all of us. President Obama may lose his basic judgments after only one beer. Rare, yes. Possible also yes. Even when potus is on vacation he is on duty. I believe this goes for any govt official whose job it is to be on all everyday of there term. I am a former college swimmer from millikin university. In order to maintain top performance and speed alcohol was banned as long as you were swimming which was year round for 4 years. We all signed contracts stated as long as you were apart of the team you would not drink. Even without drinking college was a blast! Now after college I have had plenty of alcohol filled nights, but for those 4 years I was sober 24/7. If a college swimmer can do it for 4 years, surely the president can when running the entire nation.

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