Beauty in the Academy

I have addressed the panel I am serving on at the Christian Scholars’ Conference in June at Lipscomb University on a prior post; below is our session description, drafted by Mark Elrod, a political scientist at Harding University.

Mark A. Elrod, Harding University, Convener: “Social Networking and Christian Education.”  Panelists: Jeff Baker, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law School; Edward Carson, Houston Christian High School; Stephanie Eddleman, Harding University; Michael Lasley, Pepperdine University; and Jim Miller, Harding University.

We are passing out of an age where teachers lectured, assigned, and graded with the luxury of a pedagogical persona and some inscrutability about their personal lives. We are passing into an age where students can know us more personally and quickly if we have a social networking presence. This roundtable discussion centers on the uses and misuses of social media in academia from a Christian scholar’s perspective. Panelists will discuss their own personal experiences with Facebook, Twitter, blogging and other platforms used to communicate information to students and to share ideas with colleagues across the Academy.

I have already started collecting a number of surveys in preparation for my paper. You must admit, this is an intriguing session.

The conference theme is Beauty in the Academy: Faith, Scholarship, and the Arts.


One thought on “Beauty in the Academy

  1. Do Christian academics and their institutions look at blogs, Facebook, etc in a negative light? It seems that is the case in what is described as “their experiences.”I might be reading too much into that.

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