“Lost” Character Taught AP European History

Michael Emerson was outstanding in Dr. Linus, as Ben finally found redemption in both the Island and Sideways worlds. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Seeing that I cannot recall the last time I got to watch any of the shows I like, I learned yesterday the LOST character Dr.Ben Linus was an AP European History instructor before he crashed on the island. Hey, I am an AP European History teacher. The interesting thing about this show is its use of European historical people. The only two that are coming to mind right now are Rousseau and John Locke. (see link here)

In the alternate timeline, Ben was a high school teacher of AP European History. His lunch buddy was science teacher Leslie Arzt (the victim of the unfortunate, but hilarious, dynamite explosion in Season 1). The two of them did little but complain about their students and the administration.


5 thoughts on ““Lost” Character Taught AP European History

  1. Love me some “Lost.” If you have not seen it or stopped watching, do not…do NOT!…try to pick it up now. Rent or Netflix them in order.

    It should be noted that teacher Ben griped about the administration, not the students.

    I would love to make other comments about the episode, but I’d rather not risk spoiling the show for anyone.


  2. Matt S:

    I missed all of last season, so I decided to watch it first then rent this season. I am behind. I wanted to stop watching it after the 3rd season, but could not. I am very curious.

  3. Last season was wild, and sets up this last season. Definitely watch in order. The show keeps giving you puzzle pieces to the big picture, but still has the audience guessing. Maddening and entertaining at the same time. I try to make sense of it, and only drive my wife crazy trying to hash out theories.

    “The X-Files” went out with a whimper as there was no cohesive wrap-up. Major props to the “Lost” producers to negotiate an ending date with ABC so the series could be concluded in the best manner possible with a set number of episodes. Yeah, “Lost” could still be a train wreck at the end… but 1/3 of the way through the last season has been fantastic, in my opinion.

  4. I noticed that too and I was excited by it! At one point during the second season I boycotted the show. But the summer after the 3rd or 4th season, I was bored and spent two weeks SOLID watching nothing but LOST. . . it was a time sucker/waste . . . but now, i can’t wait for each Tuesday!

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