OKC Marathon and Bathrooms

I am ready. I just finished my application for this race; I hope to make amends with my body after an okay race during my last marathon. Though I usually run 50 miles per week, I managed to get that number up to 65 last week. I am not sure I will reach that number this week, but I hope to give it a try. As always, I worry about bathroom stops. This was an issue during last month’s marathon. I got to mile 14 and told stud girl that I cannot wait any longer. Playing it safe, I did not sprint to catch up to her or the pace group; instead, I decided to increase my pace and gradually make gain; I caught her by mile 17. But man the whole bathroom thing is not cool.
Thus, I have decided to simulate the entire OKC Marathon in two weeks. Friday after classes, I will go out to eat dinner at 5:30. Because of the leg cramps, I will drink two 24 oz bottles of Gatorade with my meal. I hope to be in bed by 9, and up for breakfast by 3:00 a.m. This time I will eat breakfast far in advance in order to prevent any bathroom stops. At 6:30  I will do a 23 mile training run, but not at marathon speed. That takes my body too long to recover. I hope this will help.

One thought on “OKC Marathon and Bathrooms

  1. It seems like yesterday when this event (bombing) took place. After 9/11 it seems that we have forgotten about it. If I could run a race such as this, I would do this one. Oh, smart training idea.

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