Our Gala

Houston Christian held its annual gala last night at the downtown Hilton. I had a great time with colleagues, and talking to parents who reinforced to me why they love having their students in my class. You do not always get that, but man when you do it feels great! On one occasion, a parent of one of my star students admitted that I share a different view from himself and his son, but he loved that I offered a sense of diversity regarding thought to the campus.  Another set of parents shared wine and a great conversation with me about their student and her success. I could go on about the countless conversations, but I will not.

Independent schools use such functions to raise money for various reasons: student scholarships and aid, program gifts and needs, as well as for future resources. The theme was “Fly to the Moon.” Most of the funds raised were by way of silent and live auctions. Also,  each dinner plate I believe went for $150 – $200 dollars per…. The tickets Janette and I received were a gift from a parent. I witnessed vacations to golf outings at Pebble Beech get auctioned off for as much as $17,000.

But, I think the coolest gift was found in the silent auction; it was an American Colonial History Dinner with a starting bid of $200.

Above is a picture of me holding a picture of my department (see here) with a description that reads: “Exclusively yours! The winning bidder is entitled to a Colonial American History Dinner for six. Prepared by HCHS history faculty Eddie Carson, Gabe Malouf, Christine Metoyer, and Suzan Phenicie. Menu includes recipes from an original Williamsburg cookbook. Dinner will take place at the home of Suzan Phenicie, one Friday evening in April or May.”

I love how this piece opens with Eddie Carson and Gabe Malouf. I am sure we will actually do most of the cooking. Special thanks to Laura Clawson, Nancy Tutunjian, and Fran Buchanan who organized and chaired this event; it went very well.


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