The Agenda

The Agenda:

I. Running

I have 12 days before my next marathon; last week was not the most inspiring week of training due to an academic trip to Boston. I hope to get in 70 miles of running this week. And, an odd pull of the “under the weather bug” after my Boston trip did not help much. Upon my arrival to Boston, I got to meet Mrs. Chili and her family. We took time to get an early dinner and chat about life, the future, my work, their work, and politics. I must say, I like both Mr. and Mrs. Chili because they share my academic interest as well as my politics. They have the best looking girls on the planet.  Both spoke to me not as a distant stranger, but as a friend they have known their entire lives; I even got a great hug from the two of them. I also got a great picture with the three Chili ladies. If you follow this blog much, you know all about Mrs. Chili. Oh, Mr. Chili gets upset at Fox News as frequently as I do.

Agenda II: Courses

I must get through my syllabus; we are okay — for the most part; however, I would love to finish both of my AP courses without a need to rush. This will actually be easier in my European history course than in my United States history course — which is a first.

Agenda III: Writing

I was asked to draft a paper to be published by UrbanFaith on David Remnick’s new biography of Obama. I am wanting to get this done by early next week; I have also asked the editor if he might be interested in another article I am working on entitled, Being a Jesus Freak: How Christ Inspired Hip-Hop and Rap Music. Both papers will be historical and anthropological; I hope to say more about the latter here on this blog.

Crowd at W.E.B Du Bois Institute opening

And then there is the book; it is currently the elephant in the room. I still need to draft more pages from various primary sources. It was OUR goal to have it done by March, but that is not going to happen with my teaching schedule. I have decided to set aside two hours per day to devote to writing. You may recall that I once stated Phil and I would get rich off of this, I doubt it. But, it will contribute to the greater knowledge of young people. The work:

W.E.B. Du Bois and Religion: A Brief History with Documents (Forward Edward Blum, professor of History at San Diego State University) and co-edited with Phillip Luke Sinitiere, professor of History at Sam Houston State University, is a collection of primary sources that reflect Du Bois’s thoughts on faith, spirituality, and the political implications of religion.  Documents include those that address religion from a sociological perspective, religious artwork, and spiritual fiction, among others.  This collection also includes a timeline of Du Bois’s life, bibliography, and study questions.

Agenda IV: CV/Resume

I am applying for a couple of grants and awards; in order to be considered, I must submit a copy of my curriculum vitae — an academic related resume. This should not be too much of a problem seeing that I do an okay job maintaining it.


2 thoughts on “The Agenda

  1. It was wonderful to see you, Carson, but altogether not enough time AT ALL. You ARE an old friend, and that should be perfectly clear by the ease with which we spent our first hour together; no awkward dancing, just falling right into the things we care about (and how funny is it that both you and my husband both yell at the t.v. while Fox “News” is on? I should do what your wife did and program that channel right out of our line up).

    SO! When are you coming back?!

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