Casual Tuesday!!!

Okay, with ten days left before my next marathon, I decided to purchase a new pair of running shoes; I kept to the same TYPE of shoe — the Nike Dual Fusion. I go through a new pair of running shoes every two months due to the amount of miles logged. I have already conducted 30 training miles this week, with roughly 40 more to go; it is my intention to do my last long run today of 21 miles. In preparation for that trip, I needed to wear my new pair to class today in order to break them in. Thus, I declared today casual Tuesday.

The lady at the gear store told me that she thought this design of shoes is not best for the 26.2 mile race; however, I have tested them and found them to do the trick. I am searching for any and all things to get me hyped about this race. Based on my time, I am a low-end “A” list runner…which is great; I need to get to the top of that “A”list, where I belong.

Casual Tuesday baby!!! No tie or jacket today.


5 thoughts on “Casual Tuesday!!!

  1. Casual days are a myth. You know that. I know this shoe, but cannot attest to its greatness or badness. I do light miles with it.

  2. Wow! Those are some bright shoes. Good luck with your run. Did you get a chance to read the Dr. Axe link that I posted on my Facebook about running?

    • I am loving the blue and yellow kicks Mr. Carson. They are really cool. I wish the students got “CASUAL TUESDAY” to try out our new pair of clothing. Good luck in your marathon!

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