Kent State, 1970

Though this event took place before I was born and during the year 1970, it was clearly a continuity of the turbulent 60s. Kent State University is marking the 40th anniversary of the May 4, 1970 shootings with a new walking tour — with audio narrated by civil rights leader Julian Bond — of seven stops that relate to the tragedy. The university is also honoring the placement of the site on the National Register of Historic Places. We recently discussed this in my U.S. History class; if I am right, four students were killed, nine wounded, and one paralysed by the Ohio National Guard. Students were protesting the American invasion of Cambodia during the Nixon administration.


6 thoughts on “Kent State, 1970

  1. Carson, get real man. You are not old enough for 95% of the stuff you teach. I do recall this, though I was only 11 at the time. Did not understand it until I was 14 of 15.

  2. Poor Guard leadership at the scene + live ammo = disaster.

    In some of these encounters, the Guard had FIXED BAYONETS?! Sad that it took an incident like that before smarter crowd-control measures were drawn up.

  3. I was 19 and driving home from classes at Harding when I heard about it. I’ve always thought it was what brought the sixties to a close or to a start of closure. Things changed after that. The stridency decreased on all sides I think. That was good.

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