My Brother

I want to introduce you to my younger brother Michael and his daughter Jasmine, pictured below. On one hand, we are about as different as night and day. On the other hand, we are a lot alike; we both were raised with a great degree of autonomy: no curfews, few if any rules, and a great degree of flexibility in terms of our friends and who we associated with. The difference came when I was granted the opportunity to attend a private school during my upper-school years. Though we both associated at times with folks who have done nothing in life but end up in prison, we understood that school was our way out. Our parents were influential in many ways, though they took a very different approach to raising us. I will admit that I struggle with the helicopter parent mentality. My parents assumed that I would get the job done and do well. Hence, they never saw my school marks after the first semester of 10th grade. Michael works as a federal investigator and lives in our hometown of Montgomery. His passion, besides being a great dad, is that of photography. His work has been published in major magazines such as Ebony and Jet. Check out his webpage here. His daughter, Jasmine, is 14 and looks just like her dad.


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