AP Exam Day

Smile!!! Last night from 7 to 9 following my AP European History review,  AP United States History students met me on campus for one last quick review before they take the AP Exam today. This has been a good group; highly motivated — for the most part, and extremely bright; it has been more than a joy teaching them this year. My AP European History students are set to test today, too. Statistically speaking, European History has always done very well; I feel that U.S. students will do the same. I wish you well students. Best of luck!


3 thoughts on “AP Exam Day

  1. Carson, this was some stealthy photo work. I didn’t even see you snapping this.

    I must say, however, the best part of the review was walking into your classroom and hearing Jay-Z playing on your laptop…you crack me up.

    It’s been a great year, glad to be done with this course! Being sick on exam day is no fun though…

  2. i would love you to teach A.P U.S history next year. why don’t you offer your pop culture elective thing my senior year and teach me next year!

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