Out of fear that this last big race will fill up, I just registered for the Memphis St. Jude Marathon in December; it is big because it is a last second attempt by serious marathon runners to qualify for the Boston Marathon of 2011. I specifically put this one on my calendar to earn a birth time to race Boston. I will run the Kansas City Marathon 5 weeks earlier, but due to the hilly challenge of that course, I do not anticipate a Boston time. However, I hope to be within range; I am thinking within 5 minutes. I will open the marathon season running the Tupelo 14.2 miler (a mile longer than a half-marathon) in Mississippi. That along with the Kansas City Marathon are in essence training races for Memphis.

Above: Running down Beale Street

Memphis is a crazy town; I have partied in Memphis on its most popular Beal Street. But to show that I can do more than party in Memphis, I have attended academic conferences, the opera, and its famous zoo while in town. And yes, this city has by far the best pull pork barbecue. I think my buddy Hebert and his wife are going to make the trip up with us. I met my fantasy league football buddies in Memphis three years ago for our annual draft. While there, we made a trip to Rendezvous for ribs. If you do not know this place, you have missed out. It was on the Food Network not too long ago.

I hope to eat a lot.


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