Great Running Article!

Being a serious runner, there are a number of things that motivate me. Running faster times, placing high in my division, feeling healthy and great about myself, and knowing that I am running better marathon and 5k times in my mid 30s than when I was 24 is great; and doing less miles now is even better. I like attending races and seeing all types of people who are setting new goals. Though most marathons appear to be heavily crowded with large packs of people, the reality of course is that at a typical marathon, most people in the pack are not running the half nor the full course. Case in point: The last marathon I raced had 23,000 runners, but only 2,600 ran the full while another 7,000 ran the half. The rest of the field was made up of people running the relay and 5k race. Thus, according to the October 2008 issue of Runner’s World, 1/10th of 1 percent of the U.S. population finishes a marathon. This is another reason why I love seeing so many people out running and feeling good about life and being healthy.

Above: Jeff at 150 lbs and running an “A” list time. See full article here.

In a recent issue of Runner’s World, there was an article about Jeff Le; Jeff went from living a sedentary lifestyle to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Oh, Jeff did this in just a year-and-a-half. Keep in mind that very fit runners spend their entire life trying to qualify for this race. I recently befriended Jeff, telling him how impressed I am with his accomplishment and that I am sure he has a new following. I do not watch the show The Biggest Loser, but if Jeff were on it he would have easily won. Then again, Jeff was motivated for different reasons. He went from 290 lbs to 150 lbs and became an A list runner. What is most impressive is that Jeff was never an athlete. Again, you can read his amazing story here.  I told Jeff that he has added a greater feeling of motivation in order for me to train harder for that BQ time. I have watched my miles get up in the 70s this past month. And, I am doing more than just easy 10 – 15 mile runs (not that they are easy); I have added greater tempo runs, speed work on the track, ply0metrics and core work, as well as “assigned” weights to my training. In the past, I lifted weights for the purpose of vanity. Now, I do it to be more explosive and to run farther and faster.


3 thoughts on “Great Running Article!

  1. A few years ago, I ran my first 5k, and although that’s not very far, it was a huge accomplishment for this girl who regularly puked in gym class. I loathed running.

    Now, I am having some serious ankle problems, so I have to walk it. I am hoping to work through, and be able to run again someday. There’s no describing the elation you feel the first time you hit a goal, whether it be 1 mile or 10.

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