The Day!!!

I. The Run

I was set to do an 18 mile training run this morning before work, but I got up way too late to get cover the miles. But, I feel great after doing a 15 mile training run at a 7:55 pace.

II. The Exam

I gave my last final today; it was for one section of world history. I assigned mucho writing questions. Better yet, the entire exam was an endurance test on hand cramping. Lots of writing was expected; okay, that was not the case for some. Just about done marking them.

III. As I write, I am expecting a call from the Dean of Faculty at a Tampa school who has agree to do some writing with me for the National Association of Independent School conference; we are in the drafting stage right now. I am excited to be working with an established leader in independent schools on this endeavour. I hope to blog more on this.

IV. Commencement

I will be joining the rest of the faculty for tonight’s class of 2010 commencement ceremony.


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