The Reading, 2010

I arrived at CSU yesterday in order to participate in daily European history readings and seminars; it should be a great venue. We spent much of today discussing the writings of Freud and Darwin’s impact on religion, morality, and behavior in 19th and 20th century European society. Tonight many of us will take a tour and sample various types of beers at the New Belgium home brewery, home to the Fat Tire; I have yet to decide if I will go or not, due to a scheduled tempo training run. I did this tour three years ago and it was awesome. I am not a Fat Tire beer man, but watching the process of beer making while getting a great history lesson on it is cool. Oh, and free tastings are part of the lesson, too.

I was scheduled to do a long run upon my arrival to Fort Collins. Thus, once I landed and felt the warm but far better than Houston temperatures, I took off on a 15 mile run at 5000 ft; I decided to take the hilly route and paid for it during those last 4 miles. However, in the end, I thought it best that I do what I cannot do at home — run hills. The temps have been so bad this summer in Houston, I have gotten used to training in two pair of shoes; I brought both pair to Fort Collins and have practiced airing them out after each run. I sweat a great deal.


3 thoughts on “The Reading, 2010

  1. Hey, Prof.

    Take it easy, running out in too-hot weather. I enjoy the look of your blog, and the integration of the personal with the processional. I hope your school year went well, and are enjoying a restful summer.

  2. teachermrw:

    Hey thanks. Heat is a killer at times; I am glad you like the blog changes; I do try to mix it up a bit with the “me” stuff and the political/academic. Good but busy summer so far. I am enjoying it, though.

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