The Professor in Training

I am clearly having a great summer with my running; I am now running close to 80 miles per week, with 10 mile tempo runs at roughly over 7 minute per mile pace. Today I attempted a 20 mile run but failed to do so in the Houston heat; however, I did pull in an ugly 17. Janette has decided to run the Kansas City half-marathon race and thus has started putting in the miles. Last night she completed her first speed workout completing mile repeats.She will tell you that it is not an easy thing to do.

The most intense part of the workout was watching Abbey (our dog) try to keep up; she did okay. I am still trying to shave a few pounds off of Abbey that she picked up as a result of leaving her with a neighbor. I must say that there is nothing fun about training in the Houston summer heat. It is pretty intense. I have decided that if I am going to log runs of more than 10 miles, I need to get out of the house by 5 AM. I am hoping that it all pays off come fall. I have already registered for the Kansas City marathon in October and the Memphis marathon in December. I also hope to work in two half marathons in between both of these races. This registration is pretty early for me; in truth, I am running less miles than I did while in graduate school, but I am performing at a higher level. I should set new PRs (personal records) this fall in the marathon, half marathon, and 5k. Janette has her goals set on doing the same come October 16th, which is Kansas City.

As you can tell, I am trying to hold Abbey down; she wanted to do a few more mile repeats last night (not really!). I am starting to feel the impact of my training. Both the speed workouts and the tempo runs will help my lactate threshold. Thus, this will make it easier for me to run faster over a greater amount of distance. The key for me of course is my mental state; I have told a few people that I am not sure I really enjoy running; it has become somewhat of a mission for me to set a certain race goal and qualify for a certain marathon. Until then, I measure ever run by pace, distance, and intensity. Anything short of that is not worth lacing up my shoes.


One thought on “The Professor in Training

  1. Man, you’re looking jacked! Nice. I can understand the question as to whether you actually even like running. There are plenty of times in the gym when I’m asking myself, “why in the name of all that is holy am I doing this to myself!”

    But, reaching those higher and higher goals is a major motivator.

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