Writing the Syllabus

What you see above is a picture of part of the study in which I am in the process of constructing my syllabi; I hope to have all three down by the middle of next week, but the process has been slow thus far. The great challenges comes in my new Contemporary American Studies Seminar course. I know what and how I want to teach the course, but as is the case with any course organization, I need to set a clear path for that of students.

At times, teachers struggle with this process at all levels. Teaching at schools that are notorious for changing plans in an ad hoc fashion is one of the great enemies to this process. The other of course is that of the instructor; it is a challenge to set a path that might be either too fast or too slow. It is always difficult to know seeing that one teaches a new group from year to year. Good teachers do not want to rush through complex topics just to check it off the list; yes, I am very guilty of this; however, there is an expectation on my campus that advanced students will do their part in meeting with instructors during non-instructional hours for additional help. Here is a link on the basic construction of a syllabus. I have yet to post any of my syllabi on my home page here, but hope to do so soon.


6 thoughts on “Writing the Syllabus

  1. I need to get off my can and get started on syllabi construction. I’ve got the Film and Literature syllabus all settled, I think (I may still make one or two substitutions on that, though), but the three core classes I’m teaching – English for 9, 11, and 12 – aren’t even out of my head yet. Sigh.

  2. No cell phone or Mac? Man you are just unplugging, hahaha! Like the new Livestrong pic on the side btw. Can’t wait to get you a bike. I wrote on your facebook wall to confirm Monday.

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