Friday Thoughts

I am still cleaning up my syllabi and making adjustments to my courses for this fall; I am teaching two courses that I did not teach last year: AP US Government and Politics and Contemporary American Studies. I will continue to teach AP European History. So, as Monday approaches, my stress level continues to increase. It is all good though. It should will be a great year. I hope to make a contribution to the thought processes of each student; in the end, I hope their ability to reason, analyze, question, and draw conclusions will be expanded some. I have so much to offer; I am blessed that God has given me a great mind and a thirst to be academic. I am lucky. My folks, who grew up in the deep South during Jim Crow, never got the education that I have received. Seriously, I have read countless books; I have traveled to Europe and throughout the U.S. to deliver conference papers and meet people far smarter and more intelligent than me.

Beyond the many conferences I have attended and presented at this summer, I have made great progress in my training. I have watched my weekly miles climbed into the 70s, 80s, and 90s this summer; I am doing long runs of 16 to 20 miles close to the pace I will need to earn a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. With that said, I have only logged 42 miles over the past two weeks. The swelling in my right knee is down a great deal, but there is still some inflammation. It will get a good test in the Houston heat today, as I do an easy 7 – 8 mile easy run. The big challenge comes Sunday morning at 5 A.M. I will do what I hope is a good and very healthy 15 mile run; I am not sure of pace yet; it will probably be an easy 7 minute and 50 second per mile pace.

With 8 weeks until the Kansas City Marathon, I have decided to head to Tupelo, Mississippi for a tune-up. The local running club has sponsored a really good full marathon and 14.2 mile race; I will do the latter as prep work. My confidence is ebb and flow right now due to injury. But, if I can can get in a few more 20 milers at an intense pace, I have no doubt I will find that ego which is in hiding for now. Better yet, I need that ego. There is nothing better than having Lil Wayne’s “I’m Me” in my head as a defeat a course.


4 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. I covet your tables!! I’m trying to jury-rig something together with a bunch of tables I found in a back room, but I long for the seamless elegance of a single conference table.

    And I think you’re crazy with all this running stuff…

  2. Saintseeter: One reason I am excited about this is the time; it starts at 5 AM to beat the heat. I have never ben to the birth place of Elvis.

    Chili: I want to hear more on the seminar you went to in which the Socratic method was employed. Also, will you have a class at 2:50 – 4:15? If not you can swing by and teach a few sections.

    Hijinks: Hope all is well. You know I will.

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