Great Lunch

I was almost convinced that today was Friday, especially after being invited to lunch by three of my favorite students: Zach Dotson, Trevor Johnson, and Reid Bishop. Virgie’s Bar-B-Que was great. Plus, anytime I can join a group of students I like and respect, I am going to do it. I have so many great students. These guys are good for a great political discussion, too. We do not always agree, but there is enough respect among us to at least listen and engage in a healthy discussion. Hey, there is no fun in always agreeing with people. But, you learn a lot from disagreements. I do all of the time. This is one reason I teach.


4 thoughts on “Great Lunch

  1. I am sad that I was not invited. It must have been difficult for you to be the sole Liberal at the table (although we all know Trevor is a closet leftist). When do you get back from your “important academic conference?” Let us do lunch some time next week.

  2. It was cool Dillon. But you are all too familiar with this process. I am pumped about that so called “academic conference” I am attending this weekend. I guess we can call it that.

  3. “…Three of my favorite students…”? I seriously thought that Lexi Peterson, Danielle Milton, and I were your three favorite students. Those boys might be interesting to talk to about politics, but the girls are more diverse and can talk about Cornel West’s “Race Matters.” I say that we go get lunch next week because the girls will take you to a better place (Dillon can come too since he was in B1 APUSH with us).

  4. Alex: We all know you three are at the top of that list. I hope you guys send me an invite soon; I look forward to it. Hope sr. camp is going well. I am all about talking Cornel West.

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