Fantasy Football Draft from St. Louis, 2010

For the 17th year, a group of guys I have come to call family met in St. Louis for our annual fantasy football league draft. I am sure the rest of the world see us as bunch of dorks; in truth, we really are. But, seeing that we all have very busy lives that involve our families and jobs, a get away from reality is always great. We travel from various parts of the country to participate in this draft. We started the weekend off by attending a Cardinal’s baseball game.

We tend to spend a day or so hanging out and talking about life, or attending a ball game; on draft day, we conduct a pre-draft order so that each of us can make changes as it relates to drafting strategies. I drafted from the 11th position this year. As I write this post in what we call the draft war room (hotel room), I am selecting my 3rd round pick. For the most part, we take our league membership seriously. We all travel from different cities and states ritually to participate in this activity. The cool thing about this group is how different we are. Each one of us are members of different professions that keep us busy… but we always find a way to escape for a couple of days. Moreover, in preparation for this activity, most if not all of us participate in pre-draft statistical analysis to measure how well a player might perform, pre-draft mock drafts (Kirk Hollis), and hours of football magazine and computer research on players we might select.

Above: I am making a few draft order changes before making my 6th round pick

Above: Phil Jones hands Rob Kernodle the league trophy for 2009; each winner and runner-up winner gets a permanent trophy to keep and display at home.

Above: League members carefully studying the draft board

Above: Ryan Day places his selection on the draft board.


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Draft from St. Louis, 2010

  1. your post inspired me to sign up for our office FF league on Yahoo. I’ll be using the “i don’t care” method for managerial decisions. Don’t ask me what it is because i don’t care. But maybe i’ll get into it as we go along.

  2. I was sorry I missed the draft until I saw the picture of Kirk wearing what appears to be a high school football jersey and Day wearing a hoodie in August…yikes! Call the fashion police.

  3. you people are sick 🙂 lol

    well, phillip, you answered my next question… i was looking for your mug in those photos! how are ya???

    all i can say is…. ROLL TIDE ROLL! hahahaha i was raised to know what’s IMPORTANT ;Q

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