Running Thoughts for the 14.2 Miler

Man I have had some great training runs of late; let me take a second to address what I call my quality runs. Last week I only logged 50 miles, but hope to push this week’s running total to 80. I did a 20 mile run at 7 minutes and 40 seconds Sunday, which is 30 seconds slower than what I hope to run during my next full marathon. I also put in a 10 mile run at 7 minutes and 26 sec per mile. I was elated to have conducted an interval (or speed) workout on Houston Christian’s track. I did  a mile at a 6 minute per mile pace; then, I would walk one lap around the track as recovery before repeating this cycle 4 more times. I concluded the run with an easy 2 mile run at 7 minutes and 35 seconds per mile pace.

I am off to Tupelo, Mississippi this Friday to compete in their 14.2 mile race. This race will serve as a quasi simulated race for my October 16th marathon in Kansas City. The goal for Sunday’s 14.2 mile race is this:

  • Mile 1-4: Run at a 7:45 pace
  • Mile 4-8: Run at a 7:35 pace
  • Mile 8-11: Run at a 7:25 – 7:30 pace
  • Mile 11-14.2: Run at 7:20 pace

In the end, I am breaking this race down into stages. I fear injuring myself. Thus, my goal is to place well — which I should do, but it is also to prepare me for the big race in Kansas City and the follow-up race in Memphis come December 4th.


3 thoughts on “Running Thoughts for the 14.2 Miler

  1. Hey Stan, I am sure you had a great run. Hope you got to run with a friend — I am sure you did; I did not which makes the run long. Best with your training. I am sure I will hear from you again.

  2. I just saw the results from the Tupelo race, looks like you totally smoked it man. Good job. All that running seemed to pay off.

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