Exciting Event, Great Parents

It is true, being the academic that I am, I believe it is important for me to hear the point of view of others. Thus, this is why I teach my classes in a Socratic fashion. With that said, the parents of one of my very bright students sent me an invitation to join them for a dinner sponsored by the Liberty Institute.

_____ and I would love for you and your wife to join us on September 21st at 7:00 pm for a banquet we are helping host to familiarize people with the Liberty Institute.  The banquet, which will be held at the Hilton Houston Post Oak, will be a great opportunity to hear about the Liberty Institute. Guided by principles that limit government and promote Judeo-Christian values, Liberty Institute was founded in 1972 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to protect freedoms and strengthen families by impacting the legislature, media, grassroots, and the courts with the truth.
Again, we would enjoy spending the evening with you and your wife, and you never know, there may even be a Cohiba in it for you.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

It is clear that the Liberty Institute is in ideological opposition to me; however, I think it will be fun to hear what they have to say. And, I get to associate with parents who value those of us such as I who do not teach to their ideological persuasions. I will omit their names, but I am excited to have been invited. The last time I was around them, my wife and I got a bottle of wine from them at the gala.

About the Institute:

Concerned about the direction of the country? Please join us at the Advancing Liberty Tour to learn how Liberty Institute and everyday citizens are standing up to protect America’s founding principles. Kelly Shackelford, constitutional scholar and President of Liberty Institute, will take you behind the scenes in today’s battle for freedom.

You will hear about significant courtroom victories and important legislative action that will impact you and your family; as well as about new American heroes like Hannah Giles, who exposed the corruption of ACORN; and Anne Clutterbuck, Houston City Council member who stood up to atheists when sued for praying, and many more.

This event is completely free of charge. There will be an opportunity to partner with Liberty Institute by making a donation to help further our work of protecting freedoms and strengthening families.

Liberty Institute was founded in 1972 as a 501c3 non-profit organization to protect freedoms and strengthen families by impacting the courts, legislature, grassroots and media with the truth.


7 thoughts on “Exciting Event, Great Parents

  1. I can not believe you are actually going to this. Liberty Institute is very radical. Unfortunately, they have been a very influential force in Texas politics as of late. Shackelford was big in pushing for tort reform back in 03, and was, unfortunately, successful. The Fortune 500’s of TX are using “activists” like Shackelford to radically increase corporate control over individuals under the guise of individual freedoms and liberties. It is unbelievable how many people have bought into it and advocating that the U.S. become as “business-friendly” as Texas. (Read: corporations should not be held responsible for their actions.)

  2. Dillon – Not being familiar with the Liberty Institute beyond what I have just read here, and by taking a cursory look through their website, I am curious what sort of conservative non-profit group you would consider to not be radical. Just curious what the baseline is that you are working with.

  3. Liberty does not believe that hate crime legislation should be extended to protect homosexuals, believes that the Bible should be taught in public school Literature and History classes, does not think that CPS should be allowed to interview children without parental consent, and believes that abstinence is the only method of sex education that should be taught in schools. Most mainstream Republican PACs that I am familiar with promote a much more mainstream agenda. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. Thanks for clarifying. Much of what you list sounds like pretty standard stuff for social-con/faith-based PACs. Although, I am less sure about the CPS issue you mentioned. But I am certainly not an expert on what all these various groups stand for. I imagine there are groups out there that want abstinence taught in sex education classes along with the rest of the curriculum – not only abstinence. I assume that would be a differentiator of a radical group vs. a more mainstream group as far as your opinion is concerned?

  5. Brandon,

    The distinction I am making is one of, as you described it “social-con/faith-based PACs,” vs. more mainstream Republican PACs. I would agree that the ideology of most social-con/faith-based PACs would closely resemble that of the Liberty Institute. Perhaps the Republican party is becoming more and more conservative – I just feel that most mainstream Republican candidates and politicians would not agree with some of the things presented by the Liberty Institute. I guess the closest thing liberals have to the Liberty Institute is the ACLU (although the ACLU is much larger and far more significant than Liberty), and I would venture to say that a large majority of mainstream Democrats agree with and support the work of the ACLU.

    Once again, I do not at all think I have all the answers on this. My knowledge of PACs in general is quite limited, even more so my knowledge of conservative ones. So someone please correct me if I am incorrect. I am just making comments based on my own observations.

    Hope that made sense; please forgive me, it is late, I am sure you have gathered by my many grammatical errors here…

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