I Need a Life

It appears that my days are highly structured of late. I am more disciplined than I have been in years. Much of this has to do with how I spend my time. This point seems comical and a bit paradoxical for the fact that I maintain a blog. Further, not only do I maintain a blog, but I post on this blog roughly around three times per week. Though my life is a bit simple compared to others, it works for me. Much of my new found discipline centers around my training. And, I cannot draft this without saying, I am teaching the lightest load since joining the faculty here.

Here is how today and tomorrow looks. After receiving treatment for my Achilles tendon this morning, I guided my European History class through a discussion of structural realism and its impact on the Atlantic market. I will teach two more courses today, then complete a few letters of recommendations for colleges. Once I get home, I will head to the gym for an hour of aqua (pool) running, weights, stretching, and abs/core work. I will then spend a few hours in my study marking today’s US Government & Politics exam, before working some on my book chapter. I think I will have dinner between all of this.

Tomorrow will be interesting because once I repeat all of the above matters (from treatment to teaching classes), I will make an attempt at conducting my longest run in weeks. The goal is to conduct an 18 – 20 mile run after my last class. I will follow that run up with some massage therapy. I think I will reward myself with pizza and wine. You see, I have been married for 15 years and I am not close to having any children. Though I am “only” 35, I do not see children in the future . Life is just simple. I teach my classes. I draft a few papers and attend a few conferences. I hangout with the wife, dog, and cats. I train for races. Yes, things are pretty simple. Like most things in my life, I take my training very seriously; if I can police my injuries, I suspect I can be really good at competing.

I  do hope to start back volunteering at the shelter. If not, maybe the food bank of Houston. Oh, I have not called home nor spoken to my parents in almost six months; I must call home.


5 thoughts on “I Need a Life

  1. You are killing me as well. I think your days are pretty full. But, I can tell you are a man. Oh, a man with no kids. My husband read this post and wanted to know if he can have your life, minus the running, teaching, and papers.

  2. Life is as busy as we make it. We all have too much to do, but if you go to bed happy at night- then all the busy-ness seems to be worth it. Call your mom man, she misses hearing from you.

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