Thinking Boston

115th Boston Marathon registration
The countdown is set to start. Registration for the most prestigious road race opens October 18th. I have trained exceptionally hard to qualify for this race. Case in point: I simulated the Kansas City Marathon today to the best of my ability. Last night I ate my pre-race meal. I was in bed by 8:30 and up again at 3:30 AM for breakfast; I have been training my stomach to process and store carbohydrates. I hit the park for a 20 mile run at 5:30 AM; in truth, I wanted to run 23 miles but opted out when I started feeling my Achilles tendon hurting. The run was great thanks to the cool temps; I had a great time: 7 minutes and 29 second per mile pace; I need to run 7:26 to earn a qualifying time for Boston. Today marked my last serious long run; I am set to do a few 8 and 9 mile runs until October 16th. I am thinking the stars are in line for me to do this. Essentially, the best of the more serious runners earn a spot at Boston. Runners look the part, too. Though Kansas City is one of the more difficult courses in the country, this race is my only chance at getting into Boston 2011. Last year the race filled up in under 30 days after registration opened. Thus, I had hope to use the Memphis Marathon in December as my qualifying backup; it is a much faster course. That will not happen.

8 thoughts on “Thinking Boston

  1. Sounds like you have trained well for this. Running the Boston is a once in a lifetime experience, I have heard. I think running a big race would be fun.

  2. Ooooh! Boston is close to me (though I can’t imagine I’d be brave enough to even ATTEMPT driving into the city, if you want to stay with us, there’s a train station 4 minutes from my house where you can hop a pretty much direct shot into Boston…)

  3. If you’re running races nationally, you should really make an effort to run in Atlanta. I think our big one (Peachtree road race) just ended, but look into it. Unless, of course, I go somewhere that isn’t Georgia Tech for Grad School next year. Then you’ll have to track me down wherever I go (MIT Media Lab is on my list of considerations, so maybe Boston 2012 would be valid. They’re not in the top 3 right now, though.).

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