Kansas City Marathon Part I

Janette and I took a trip to Kansas City in order for her to compete in its 13.1 mile half-marathon, while I raced its 26.2 mile marathon. KC is a nice city. It has an appeal that Houston is missing; I suspect it is that mid-western feel. I am not going to say much on this post about the race since we are still on the road, but we both ran PRs here. And even better, I placed well — running a pace of 7 minutes and 26 seconds per mile to finish 51st out of 1480 marathoners; I placed 8th out of 143 in my division. Janette ran a 2 hr and 25 min. half-marathon time.

Here is the best news: I qualified for the Boston Marathon. According to the KC folks, their course is one of the most difficult in the nation. And trust me here, I am not going to disagree. My body took a beating. Kansas City is not short of long and short steep hills. I believe qualifying for Boston places me in the top 1 – 2% of all marathon runners. I will take a week off doing nothing but weights, pool work, and core work. Then, back to training; I have the Memphis Marathon coming up in 6 weeks, followed by a 30 K race (18.6 mile race) a week after Memphis.


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