I Want Some Tea Today.

I am going out and voting for a member of the Tea Party. Let me tell you why you should, too:

  1. You get to endorse Sarah Palin, a person who wants to be president but quit her job as governor to make millions.
  2. Oh, you also get to endorse Christine O’Donnell, a person that contends she is a Constitutional scholar but does not know the 14th Amendment.
  3. Fascism is a left-wing phenomenon. We can thank Jonah Goldberg — with a big assist from Beck — for the popularity of this one, even though Goldberg’s thesis has been demolished and angrily dismissed by academic historians. It’s especially come in handy for Tea Partiers with Obama-as-Hitler signs, who are not impressed by those pointy-headed professorial types anyway. This one is from the Washington Post (May 19th, 2009). For those of you that are educated, you know that being left-wing and fascist are diametrically opposed of each other. Man, more folks need my courses.
  4. If you believe that the old days were the good old days, then you should show your support. This is especially true if you are a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant.
  5. Though the Tea Party is more of a movement rather than an actual organized party, we want you to throw away your vote.
  6. You can stick it to the Republican base that gives the Tea Party its ideological core.
  7. Oh, a vote for Tea is a vote for ____________ (you tell me?)

16 thoughts on “I Want Some Tea Today.

  1. O’Donnell would have learned about the fourteenth amendment if she actually took some of the courses at Princeton that she claimed she did…

  2. A vote for Tea is a vote for limited government.

    “They’re racist!”

    “They’re stupid!”

    The tidal wave that may hit the political landscape tonight couldn’t POSSIBLY be a reaction to the failure of big government and big spending…

  3. A vote for Tea is a vote for American values.

    Democrats are going to be nursing a major election hangover after the pounding they are going to take tonight. Man, if only they could have gotten their messaging together and the great unwashed masses weren’t so fearful then none of this would be happening.

  4. First of all, I love this. I was thinking about voting Tea Party myself! But then I woke up and realized that’s the stupidest idea I’d ever had.

    A GOP takeover happened with Clinton and it’s looking like it will happen again. This isn’t a “reaction to the failure of big government and big spending” as much as it is a reaction fueled by fear, perpetuated by far-right pundits. The Republicans had 8 years to mess everything up. We give the Dems two and because the world isn’t sunshine and flowers overnight, we decide we should put the guys back in that screwed everything up to begin with.

    This is what happens in politics. This is also what happens when everyone has a right to vote, whether they graduated high school or not.

  5. Smart people = people that agree with you?

    The Republicans controlled Congress for the first six years of the Bush era; they spent like drunken sailors, adding about $3 trillion to the deficit. Over the next four years, the Democrat-controlled Congress has also spent like drunken sailors. They added almost $5 trillion to the deficit in a much shorter amount of time—and they were just getting started. Voters are not stupid tonight…they are trying to find a designated driver!

    Frankly, a GOP Congress may be the best thing to happen to President Obama.

  6. Caught Senator Tom Coburn on the radio this morning, and he brought up a good point I made kind of vaguely: the results from last night were NOT an endorsement of Republicans. It was a repudiation of what Congress has been doing for the last few years.

  7. I heard Coburn too. He is right. Like I told my students, this is more a vote against Dems. The Tea movement is too unorganized to do anything. They are seen as a bit radical too. Just ask the folks in Nevada.

    Brandon: Defining American values is difficult in such a pluralistic world.

    Samantha: You continue to remind me why you were one of my favorite students back in 2003-2004. But now, you are a big fish.

  8. I obviously beg to differ on the difficulty of defining those values. Dennis Prager, one of my favorite commentators, does this quite succinctly through what he refers to as the American Trinity – E Pluribus Unum, In God We Trust and Liberty. Leftist values stand in stark contrast to these and while these values are held by some Americans, they are not American values.

  9. Responding to #3:

    Carson, we dismissed the linear political spectrum in class earlier this year. Hence, I can see where one could defend the statement “Fascism is a leftist phenomenon.” Although fascism is generally considered to be extreme right-wing, it does contain similar elements to that of the extreme left-wing (as defined by the linear political spectrum): rejection of individualism, authoritarian government, et al.

  10. Reid:

    I see your point; however, I do not think we wholly dismissed the linear spectrum. For one, I prefer the linear, though I agree with you that both extremes share similar elements. From a historical perspective, fascism and those that subscribe to it hates communist…though both are socialistic. Go figure.

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