Big Week:A Marathon and Fantasy Football Wishes

St. Jude Memphis MarathonThe RunMemphis Marathon

I am leaving Houston Thursday for Memphis, Tennessee; I am set to run the St. Jude Marathon. I have two thoughts on this race: My motivation has not been the same, thus I am worried mentally about my performance. In part, my challenge has been the window in which I have had to train. My ultimate goal of running a sub 3 hour marathon and moving closer to the ranks of regional elites is not within my grasp right now. My miles have been down out of fear of injury, though I did complete three training runs of 15 miles (on a treadmill), 20 miles, and 18 miles (a Saturday run with Houston Christian’s new board member and my running buddy, Mike Handel). But, with only six weeks to train since my last marathon, it is very difficult to make any huge jumps. So, the goal for Memphis is to run a 3 hour and 5 minute marathon, which is 26.2 miles at 7 minute and 3 seconds per mile pace. That is pretty fast. So, we shall see what takes place. Afterwards, I get one week off before I compete in a 30K race (18.6 miles). This race will serve as my official training launch for April’s Boston Marathon.

Back Door Bandits (Carson)

My fantasy football team, better know as the Back Door Bandits, can still make the playoffs; however, it is a bit complicated as noted below by my league’s commissioner, Kirk Hollis. He stated in our weekly league news letter this:

When Larry Fitzgerald failed to score 22 points last night, it set in motion the most complicated tie-breaker scenario weekend in FFL history. Bar none. While Division Two’s fate is more clear-cut, Division One has become a total mess with five teams separated by one game or less. The possibilities are almost endless and the point of this edition of News and Notes is to try to make some sense of it all. Bear with me. It is complicated.

As always, this will be the final News and Notes of the season. I want to take a moment to thank all of the writers of the feature this year. We’ve had some great stuff composed and I appreciate your willingness to help out on it.

News and Notes for Week 12 is usually fairly brief, but this installment could be the exception. I will try to explain each GM’s postseason status the best I can, but it will be about as clear as mud after I do. So…clear your head before reading:

Division One

OK…Phillip Jones is the only person in D1 right now guaranteed to go to the playoffs. First off, you must get to six wins to get to the playoffs unless you’re Kirk Hollis (because of the tie), so Brad and Eddie MUST win in Week 13 to have a shot. Second, whoever wins the Day-K.Hollis game in Week 13 joins Jones in the playoffs for sure. The rub comes with multiple teams finishing at 6-7. Here’s how that will work based on the tie-breaking system:

If Day, Jones, Beasley, and Carson all finish at 6-7…..Jones and Day will go to the playoffs.

If Jones, Carson, and Beasley all finish at 6-7…..Jones and Carson will go to the playoffs.

If Day, Carson, and Beasley all finish at 6-7….Carson will go to the playoffs.

If Day, Jones, and Beasley all finish at 6-7….Jones and Beasley will go to the playoffs.

If Day, Jones, and Carson all finish at 6-7….Jones and Day will go to the playoffs.

If Day and Beasley finish at 6-7….Beasley will go to the playoffs.

If Day and Carson finish at 6-7….Day will go to the playoffs.

If Carson and Beasley finish at 6-7….Carson will go to the playoffs.

So, basically, if Brad and Eddie were to lose on Sunday/Monday, it would all be pretty simple. But if either or both win, it creates a really wild set of scenarios. Nobody is safe sans Jones. Everybody else could be left without a chair when the music stops. Young, meanwhile, could play in anything from the H&H Bowl to the Mercy Bowl depending on how it all shakes out. Stay tuned.

Division Two

All right, Malcolm Butler has clinched the first round bye in the playoffs, but Kevin Wells can tie him for the regular season title with a win over Butler this weekend. Wells will be a Wild Card round participant for the first time since 2003 and will get the home-field advantage (+3) in that game vs. either Matt or Ryan Hollis.

Speaking of Matt and Ryan, Matt will claim the final wild card playoff berth in D2 with a win OR a Ryan Hollis loss to Carson. Ryan will claim the spot with a win AND a loss by Matt to Kernodle. Much simpler there.

As for Rob and McD, they are headed to the Charity and Mercy Bowls, respectively.

As for the other “awards” for the season, Matt and Malcolm appear to be the favorites to claim the Point Man Award, although both Ryan Hollis and Ryan Day still have an outside shot of catching them with a huge performance in Week 13. All other league records appear to be safe this year including team points for passing, rushing, receiving, and scoring.

It’s been a terrific year for News and Notes and for the FFL in general. Here’s hoping Week 13 goes your way…unless your name is Ryan Day.


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