Divided By Faith: Race in America

I have  already placed my order for this work; I am thinking that once I get started on it, I will periodically post questions and thoughts regarding race, faith, and class in America here at The Professor. I am set to start reading this work. If you are interested, I am thinking about organizing a scheduled discussion via The Professor. Email me or leave a comment regarding your interest. You can order it here.

Here is a summary:

Both religion and race have played important — and sometimes deeply interconnected — roles in American history. Religion was used to justify both slavery and abolition; likewise it was used to justify both segregation and desegregation. Today even conservative Christians support equality between the races, but that doesn’t mean that everything is settled or peaceful. In truth, evangelical Christianity continues to reinforce racial divides.


4 thoughts on “Divided By Faith: Race in America

  1. do you seriously think that people who really truly believe (and therefore live) what the Bible says actually support bigotry on any level? we are all human and make mistakes but i’m talking about a core belief system and foundation from which one acts. give me examples of what you are talking about.

    i’m NOT talking about the people who go to church so they can fulfill a social responsibility and make sure they show off their new sunday finest… you know, the ones who’ve never ACTUALLY read or lived what is in that beautifully bound book they carry but would never dare to use… oh horror, it might crease!

    i realize that in many places in america it is actually “pc” to say you are a christian…. but that doesn’t mean they actually are. i can say i’m a green eyed purple people eater…. but that doesn’t mean i AM.

    errrr. : D you hit a sore spot! some of my deepest hurts (especially over the issues of the last year) have been caused by people who claim to be christians….. but don’t act like one. i can ,however, separate in my mind those who call themselves one and those who live like one. don’t know the exact reference but it’s in john… God is love, therefore if you do not act in love, you are not a part of God.

  2. I think you’re referring to 1st John 2:6 “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” (NKJV) It’s also stated in John 14:21, 23-24 and John 15:10. If you need to find a verse, blueletterbible.com has a great search engine and tons of versions.

    If people want to be bigots, they’ll twist anything to fit their conclusions. It’s not a problem with the facts, it’s a problem with their underlying worldview.

  3. 1 john 4:8

    thanks for the link! i had the reference written down somewhere else and went to find it… this is the new living translation version:

    But anyone who does not love does not know God–for God is love.

    and you are quite right, the problem is not the facts but the foundation from which people look at the facts. sadly, some people (myself included, i’m human too and therefor not perfect!) forget that they have their own brain and can think for themselves… they swallow hook and line and sinker what they are told without considering that another human could actually be nice/well meaning/in authority, but wrong.

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