HCHS Hosts Young Bright Stars

Yesterday afternoon, I participated in a gathering at HCHS that honored many of the areas top middle school students. The event focused on the many accomplishments of young leaders. Moreover, our Associate Director of Admissions, Chip Neuenschwander, did an outstanding job. His communication skills and energy level are highly impressive. Many of our visiting students will also benefit from a merit scholarship in the amount of $2000 per year if they elect to attend HCHS. In part, this is an excellent way to continue HCHS outreach to highly accomplished academic students. This also allows HCHS to focus on its development of future leaders via its Passport to Lead Program.

Two HCHS students spoke to perspective parents and students at last night’s meeting. (Pictured L to R:  Students Andrea Ferguson and Chris Tutunjian with Chip Neuenschwander). Both students pointed to the diversity of venues found at HCHS. Such venues can be found in academics, spiritual life, and extracurricular endeavors. I was impressed with their anecdotes and leadership. One matter that has emerged of late among independent schools is the topic regarding scholarships: need vs. merit; I addressed this topic some here on an earlier post.

The endowment of Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire last year surpassed $1 billion, making it one of the richest educational institutions in the United States – richer than many universities.

Exeter’s 619-acre campus has two swimming pools, two hockey rinks and the largest secondary-school library in the world.

In a shift that reflects the moves of some universities, Exeter now promises to pay the full cost of attendance for students whose families earn less than $75,000 a year.

Tyler C. Tingley, Exeter’s principal, says schools like his compete to enroll the best students.


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  1. Oliver, my man, you have no idea. Unreal to say the least. Hope to chat with you soon about my book work. You stated that you have a few documents. I would ask you to email them, but I am having problems with that.

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