Father Time

I was recently sent this picture dating back to my senior year in high school; I still own and wear that ACA shirt. My upper-school years at this private school were great. I remember high school more than college. But that is not saying much, seeing that I cannot recall last year. I recently ordered a cool ACA back window decal for my car. Yep, I am pretty proud of those days and that school. I had rock star teachers that were tough. They did push.

I really do look young below; I was 18. In contrast to the now, I was a 230 pound 18-year-old All Conference football player and MVP, who also won the 1993 state power lifting championship. I find this funny. Out of fear that my mom would toss all of my plaques and trophies, I took them with me when I moved out. Today, they are great displayed in a box found in my car garage.


8 thoughts on “Father Time

  1. Bro. This picture is funny. You don’t look like you. What are you up too? Still very stressed? You need to call a brother and stop working so much of late. I got news on that paper you killed yourself over.

  2. Oh, those were the days. That Eddie spent a lot of time at our house and was like my second brother. Fun times with a great guy! Isn’t it funny how all of those trophies that defined you then are stuck in the garage now. Time changes a lot of things.

  3. Look at that face! 🙂 Love this pic, Eddie, and your words are even better… it’s nice to hold on to the good memories and focus on the happy times!

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