Boston Check List

Above: Boston Marathon Confirmation Card

I am feeling better about my trip to Boston. I managed to ascertain a hotel room for $120.00 per night at the Courtyard Marriott in Westborough, which is just 5 miles from the starting line. I could not get a room for less than $225 in downtown Boston. But, I booked this room months ago. The race runs from Hopkinton to Boston. If we can manage to stay a night with my teaching colleague, Mrs. Chili, this will make a difference, too. Plane tickets are now in hand. Now, all that is left is training (see training blog here). I am easily running close to 90 miles per week. After my afternoon recovery run tonight, I will have accumulated 58 miles this week. I am set to run 100 miles this week.

While doing an easy 6 mile recovery AM run today, I ran into a guy that teaches at the Kinkaid School here in Houston. He qualified and ran it last year.  We spent a good 30 minutes chatting about Boston, our training, and our place of employment. He suggested that we get together and talk more about the Boston experience. I am looking forward to that conversation.


3 thoughts on “Boston Check List

  1. A HUNDRED AND TWENTY A NIGHT?! Okay, you may want to stay there the night before the race (because I’m about an hour away from Boston and you may not want to get up so early on the day of the race) but really; stay with us for the rest of the time. I can promise you that even if you insist on taking us out to dinner every night, we’ll be a much cheaper option!!

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