Sad News: The Late Peter Gomes

Rev. Peter Gomes passed away; if you are not familiar with Rev. Gomes, he is worth reading about. I have read two of his books; in recent, I read The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus. I am not sure  many would call him an academic, but his point of view vis-à-vis Christianity was profound. Regardless, he was scholarly. Gomes made headlines in recent years by a) endorsing the Republican Party and b) announcing that he was a homosexual. Due to the problem of homophobia in the black community, this was a surprise. Also, being a black homosexual Republican is an oddity in and of itself. I was fortunate enough to hear the late Harvard Chaplin speak while doing some work at Princeton six years ago. I was beyond impressed. Two books and a number of articles later, I can easily say his death is unfortunate to the rest of us.



One thought on “Sad News: The Late Peter Gomes

  1. Mr. Carson… Thanks for your reply. I will say, however, that I don’t think you really understand my view as I cannot separate any facet of life from our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me explain…

    Jesus said, “Without Me you can do nothing.” When a person rejects the Lord, or worse, tells Jesus to go to a corner, sit down, and be quiet, because we are now speaking in the academic realm, what he is really saying to the all-wise God is that He has no business in things that are not His affairs, i.e. academics, business, entertainment, etc.

    Great academics, great leaders, great musicians, great politicians, etc., are nothing and their accomplishments are meaningless if they stand in rebellion to God. Gomes was in rebellion to His Creator. That is why he made peace with the abomination of homosexuality, and proclaimed it arrogantly. His life was a contradiction in that he fought against intolerance, but he himself became intolerant of Christians with moral standards. If we are now to invite such people into our lives because they are talented or smart, we invite bad company… but bad company corrupts good morals. We then begin to assuage sin and evil with the veil of human intellect. And as in more recent times, we begin to take lightly the abomination of homosexuality, even calling it good. Shall we now invite pedophiles and those involved in bestiality and necromancy to our school to discuss higher mathematics because they are good at mathematics? God forbid! Shall we now entertain men who enjoy having sexual intercourse with other men, all in the name of academia? Again I say, God forbid! If the former, we would then do well to listen to the likes of Hitler and his views of political success… disregarding, of course, the fact that he was a demon-possessed mass murderer.

    To shrug Christians off with, “I understand your view, but I will continue to exonerate the morally and spiritually corrupt in the name of academics,” is to shake your fist at God’s truths and to call God’s children narrow-minded, simple, and yes, even intolerant.

    This is my view… I’d be happy to discuss this further should you care to do so. Thanks again.

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