Ally Bank Commercial, Race, and Power

Marc Lamont Hill, former Fox News analyst and a current Associate Professor of Education at Columbia University, once stated this about power:” Power is held by white heterosexual males.” This topic recently emerged on a teachers of color chat room regarding who makes decisions in America. It was noted that folks of color, who do not represent what affluent whites in power often seek, continue to be invisible. But those who are present, are folks of color who look like them, behaves like them, and who attended the same type of schools as white males in power. Thus, making people of color less of a threat to offer any semblance of change. One commentator noted that ” if this set of rules were violated, than America’s institution might see diversity. But until then, it must be white, Protestant, and heterosexual”.

Following that up, we were directed to this Ally Bank commercial in which a black man has power. However, it was noted by a few, that this black man is a safety net; he is a safe representative of those that will and hold power. Some folks like to use the ugly term Uncle Tom. There is nothing more egregious than one brother or sister calling another brother or sister an Uncle Tom. Better yet, I recall being called this once; I asked: So, who is Uncle Tom and do you know the Etymology of the phrase? I had to define Etymology. Yes, this brother got a long history lecture. The video is funny, I must add.


One thought on “Ally Bank Commercial, Race, and Power

  1. Hill got it right. Just look at the basic foundations. On my campus, I am always fighting with my Dean about our hiring practices. It seems that comfort belongs to those that think a like. That is true here at the university level. Very very sad.

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