Four More Years

I am getting excited about four more years. Obama is a shoe in to be re-elected; if you doubt me, review your American history circa 1996. Look closely at the polls and mid-term elections, too.


3 thoughts on “Four More Years

  1. I’m respectfully not that excited. I doubt seriously that I would vote for anyone else, but I’m afraid next year might be a vote against the other guy as opposed to a vote FOR President Obama. He just hasn’t addressed accurately the issues that I elected him to address. The health care reform bill doesn’t solve the problems. The economy won’t get out of the toilet if gas prices/alternative fuel sources aren’t resolved. My husband and I are getting fairly close to the line between going to work and paying for gas to get there and my quitting my job. I know that we’re not the only people in that situation. Instead we’re doing things that make it look like we’re solving problems and instead are shaving off 1% of the budget and calling it progress. That’s not progress. That’s nothing.

    I’m sorry for the rant. I’m done now. Probably.

  2. Actually Carson makes a good case, but there is a difference between 1996 and 2012, and you hit on it. Economics. If gas prices do not come down they will cause a double dip recession (assuming you agree with those who argue the recession is over) and that will be sure to tank Obama’s reelection just as surely as the 2008 crash led to the landslide for Obama. Either way it should be an interesting 18 months.

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