Getting Ready for My Next Class Discussion

I am frequently asked, “Carson how do you prepare for class?” I respond by saying, I read. And I read a lot. As you can see, I am still expanding my knowledge and understanding of the classical notion of “class conflict.”


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for My Next Class Discussion

  1. There’s conflict? Do tell! The world could always stand another post on how the right has tried to make the mere mention of equitable wealth distribution (aka an end to poverty) as a danger to the health of the United States and constitutional values.

    • I dont think that marx was for only redistribution of wealth. Thats a very large simpification, Marx’s idea revolved around the control of the means of production and little to do with social safety nets. I think his ideas ahould be looked at in context. In any case I think it is important to focus on a system that strikes a balance between a lack of incentives that stifles economic activity and one that does not do enough to protect its poorest citizens.

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