NAIS People of Color Conference

2011 People of Color Conference

December 1 – December 3, 2011
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA2011 People of Color Conference
PoCC 2011 We the People: Painting Our New Mural of Community

Student Diversity Leadership Conference
Updating Our Status: Declaration of Interdependence


I managed to get my application and brief abstract submitted to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) for their annual People of Color Conference; I have so much data and have put so much work into this project. It was “very” difficult describing my work in just 1,000 characters — which was the max permitted on the application. The conference will be held in Philadelphia from December 1 – 3. I should hear if my abstract is accepted come late July. I am very excited about this project and am hopeful to share my work with others who too share my interest.

My Title: A Vanishing Identity: Exploring How Independent Schools Promote Cultural Change


3 thoughts on “NAIS People of Color Conference

  1. As one who has attended this great conference before, I think your work will be most welcomed among your peers. You seem to be under the same values as others that participate. Good luck!

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