Classic 1960 Revolution and the Panthers

I used this clip this past spring in teaching the 1960s; I love the music and soul power in this clip.


4 thoughts on “Classic 1960 Revolution and the Panthers

  1. I agree that it’s a terrific clip. What a marvelous contrast to the “mass movement” of Tea Partiers in our day. Both the Black Panther Party and the Tea Partiers share a strong anti-government streak, but somehow “the people” as used by the BPP seems much more authentic.

  2. Whilst I appreciate the need to stop segregation and promote peace and harmony and equality amongst people of all races, I can’t see how showing this clip is anything but racist.
    The Black Panther Party was violent from day 1. They carried guns out in the open simply because they could. This is intimidation. I understand they wanted to show they weren’t afraid, but you do not need to strike fear into others in order to embolden yourself.
    There were several murders attributed directly to the party, most notably was Alex Rackley. This 19 year old child was killed on orders given directly from Mr. Bobby Seale because he was suspected of being a police informant.
    If an organization commits or has it’s hand in murder, it doesn’t matter what good they do. There is no reason to turn murderers into heroes and examples.

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