Censorship in America Blog Quotes Carson and other HU Alums Regarding Campus Fascism

I got quoted here in a piece entitled, Students at ultra-right Harding University planned a conference on poverty, but school administrators had other ideas by Alexander Zaitchik.

Alex noted my blog post entitled, Dear ASI of Harding University. In this post, I pointed to the hypocrisy of ideology. How can an institution profess to teach free thinking when in essence, it promotes a sense of conformity? Alex quoted me when I wrote this a year ago: “The role of the academy is to promote discourse, not to indoctrinate students with only one point of view. Why do conservative schools feel they must espouse conservatism to the point of anti-intellectualism?”

I am not sure I would characterize Harding as being ultra-right, but it is a very conservative institution. Though I do not think Harding is a fascist school…as noted by Alex’s ultra-right reference, there are a number of students and faculty members who would disagree with me.


5 thoughts on “Censorship in America Blog Quotes Carson and other HU Alums Regarding Campus Fascism

  1. I like your quote, but I would rephrase it slightly – “The role of the academy is to promote discourse, not to indoctrinate students with only one point of view. Why do the vast majority of universities feel they must espouse liberalism to the point of anti-intellectualism?”

    Ask any conservative student what life is like on the campus of the majority of universities and you will certainly hear of an environment that does not facilitate discourse, unless that discourse is of the liberal variety. Or just ask any conservative speaker that is brought in to speak and many times you’ll see not a simple protest by those opposed to the viewpoint, but outright attempts to silence speech, whether through vocal disruptions during the event or by attempting to throw pies at the speaker, a situation that Ann Coulter is quite familiar with.

    If this wasn’t the environment on so many campuses, you wouldn’t end up with the documentaries that Zaitchik mentions in his article (Indoctrinate U and Expelled) and there would be minimal need for organizations like FIRE, whom he also mentions.

  2. Brandon,

    You must admit that Ann Coulter has one objective: To articulate a point with zero substance in hopes of garnering more attention for herself. Students protested her. But, when a school spend $ to bring in a speaker, there must be substance. I am okay with conservative speakers that articulate a point of view with merit; it is why I read, listen to, and think much of George Will. But, when all of the speakers share the same point of view — that is not healthy. I would say this is true for schools that only bring in liberal speakers. How can a body of students be taught to think when they get the same dose of information.

  3. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that she always has zero substance, but she is certainly adept at garnering attention for herself. She was simply the first example that came to mind with pie throwing and by mentioning her I was mainly pointing to how many conservatives find themselves treated when they appear on campus.

    Students should get a wide dose of information, but the thing is, most don’t. At least at Harding, or other Christian-affiliated universities, one knows what to expect and they know the values/perspective that the administration will be bringing to campus. Not that that is necessarily a good thing, but the cards are on the table.

    But the problem is that most public, or private, non-religious universities like to talk about open discourse and ideas, but in practice, it is liberal viewpoints that are encouraged and promoted through the faculty and many of the students. Conservative viewpoints and opinions should not be anathema on these campuses, but should be a part of a robust dialogue. Then it would truly be an environment where students can be taught to think and to evaluate a wide range of information and opinions.

  4. Sean, I thought the article hit the point very well. Lots of very trusting sources there.

    Brandon: In some ways, I think the whole notion of bias towards conservative speakers is a valid point; however, even you must admit that many take on a very narrow view. And, to the point at times of being racist, homophobic, and even sexist. But, we only hear how schools due to protests by students with draw an offer.

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