A Christian Nation

I have a few thoughts regarding John Fea’s book, which I have yet to read, but a copy is on the way. I take what I think is a very academic and accurate position on Fea’s book title and question. However, I have elected to first read the book before constructing a post about it. I will say that I do teach this matter from two schools of thought: A classical Marxist perspective and that of Max Weber. Though both are diametrically opposed to the other, they do draw many of the same conclusions. However, the processes and intent are very different. Fea discussed this at his blog.

Brad Hart has written a thoughtful review of Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction at American Creation blog.  Here is a taste:

Was America founded to be a “Christian Nation?” Did its founders endeavor to create a nation where Christ and Cross were joined hand-in-hand with the Constitution? And if so, how is America’s current makeup in harmony/defiance with the “original intent” of our nation’s Founding Fathers? These are just some of the questions addressed by John Fea, historian and author of the book, Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? A Historical Introduction. With the current climate of today’s culture wars, which seem more interested in mud-slinging, name-calling and partisan hostility than honest scholarly inquiry, Dr. Fea’s book is a breath of fresh air that cuts through the nonsense with its sharp historical foundation.


3 thoughts on “A Christian Nation

  1. I follow Professor Fea’s blog and his posts at American Creation. What I’ve seen is enough to give this book a strong recommendation, although I, too, have yet to read it. I’m looking forward to your comments when you do.

  2. The Founding Fathers were a diverse group and fashioned a wall of separation into the constitution, but some people just won’t understand. The premise is about as legitimate as climate-denial.

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