The Flag Topic

A while back, I drafted a post entitled, The Confederate Flag: A Symbol of Culture or Racism. Though I have an obvious point of view regarding this topic, it is safe to say that I have the education to articulate a rather legitimate argument; however, that cannot be said of so many others who have posted a comment on this post. I have been tempted to close the comment box, but have elected to leave it open for comedic reasons. Here are a few examples from either the racist, the troll, the stupid, or the poorly informed.

1. listen up, daniel lynch, lemme teach you a thing or two, the south, your whole theory that the wet backs and porch monkies have it worse that we do, its a load of crap, have you ever been to the south? have you ever seen whats its like to raise a family here? this is poor, most of them swet backs get jobs in construction and stuff, taking away from us, matter of fact if bush had any good sense they’d come up with a bill that would send all them “immigrants” is the word you used, i use intruders, job takers, they will just do the same thing they did with their pathetic excuse of a country to ours, use everything up then move on, i say we need to build, not a fence, but a fortified wall, mounted guns and everthing, and ship all of them back, first one that puts out any lip gets a 10 cent bullet between the eyes, i would rather pay for that than pay their freakin taxes, then shoot em as they head toward the wall, thats exactly what i think, and i think if you gotta problem with it then you can just go join em if you love em so much!

2. This one here is my favorite: l know I’m late to the party but this author is horribly ignorant. You’re an educator?

3. What about the 1000 black confederate soldiers who fought under the stars and bars?The only lie here is that the civil war was to end slavery. the civil war was brought about because of excessive taxes. Pretty much the same reason the revolutionary war was fought against England. All wars a really about money and or power. There are no higher ideals, only greed that powers the nations war machines.

4. i would just like to say that i do not believe the rebel flag is about racism. the civil war had nothing to do with whites agaisnt blacks, it was the north and the south. as far as i’m concerned if you live in the south you shouldn’t discriminate against the confederate flag just because you think its racist. i wear a lot of rebel flags and i am not racist by all means, so just because you fly a rebel flag does not mean you are against the black race.

5. First off we might have lost the war but you got to think the south has changed we still fly rebel flags. The whole reason why we rasict is cuz the niggers dont know how to shut up and part of it was when we had black slaves. and were nothing like the nazi so carl why dont you shut up and when you open your eyes and read more about the history then you can critisize us. And to let you know i am a southren and i am racist and i fly the rebel flag.


8 thoughts on “The Flag Topic

  1. Yikes! I think I just lost intellectual and moral value reading these comments. My favorite might have been from your number 4, where the commenter said, “…I am not racist by all means.” If you’re not racist by all means, does that mean you’re still racist by some means? 🙂

  2. I recently watched “The Help” and enjoyed it so that makes me not racist. I have no idea why people feel the need to hate other based on such broad categories as race when there are so many good reasons to hate people on an individual level.

  3. I’ve noticed that most hate speech is rife with grammatical errors and piss-poor spelling. That is not to say that everyone without higher education is a racist or some other sort of fear monger, but the two do seem to be correlated if nothing else. Perhaps an inability or lack of desire to learn even rote grammar rules in school makes you infinitely more susceptible to being a jerk.

  4. The “troll”????Could you explain this one? Speaking of “The Help” have you seen the movie? Have any of your students discussed it with you?

  5. Jack, I think it was you that got me to read The Help…correct? Loved it! I did see the movie. I thought it was great. I have been meaning to draft a post about it but have been very pressed of late.

    I am with Matt S on our silly categories. Better yet, they have a place; it is how we use them. Oh, as for grammar, there is a reason so many racist cannot write.

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