Cut, Poison, and Burn by Donna Navarro

The following post was written by Donna Navarro; she is one of the biggest activist in the nation when it comes to the health care industry. Her influence has reached as far as the congressional floor of Washington; her connections to major U.S. figures are ubiquitous; I have known and worked with Donna for almost 8 years. I offer this post as a means of balance and objectivity. I have yet to see this film which opened earlier this year in L.A. I do intend on watching it on the campus of Houston Christian in the coming weeks. Once I have seen it and done my research, I will have to make a decision about American health care. For the record, I do endorse Obama’s universal health care bill. While some might find this film controversial, I applaude its efforts at offering the masses information. Remember, information deemed vital to the public that is silenced or with held is a form of fascism.

“Controversy is only dreaded by advocates of error.” Benjamin Rush

It seems to me that my take on Medical Freedom has become more and more of a controversy in my life.  Why do people not get that all I want is for the American people to have freedom of choice, the freedom to choose the modality of treatment for their disease/illness.

Cong. Dan Burton (IN-R,) is introducing a Bill for medical access called, HR2736 “Access to Medical Treatment Act”.  You can go to to track where the Bill is at in real-time and/or see who your representatives and senators are in order to contact them to support medical freedom.

“Cut Poison Burn”, a documentary on the corruption of the medical establishment and how it is one big monopoly.  The film raises issues that have been long ignored, there needs to be serious dialogue in finding a solution and not bury our heads in the sand.

You can go to to view the trailer and go to facebook to press  ”Like”.

The documentary is being shown at Houston Christian High School on Nov.30th and Dec. 3rd at 7:30pm in the Chapel.  You can purchase tickets on line at  The tickets are $12.00 each and part of the proceeds go to cancer charities, you can see the list on the website.  Please come see the most important film of your life.


10 thoughts on “Cut, Poison, and Burn by Donna Navarro

  1. Very interesting. Hits home. Thanks for informing us “masses”. I am curious to hear more on what drove her to be so involved in this campaign.

  2. I am with Donna here; I know her story and why she is so active; I have invited her into my classes to speak on various topics regarding this matter; I know my colleagues within the department have done so too. Whoever you are, I am sure it will be worth the time and $.

  3. I am curious to know if this monopoly is purported by pharm businesses or the government. That is a bit unclear to me. It sounds like this position is anti FDA and government.

    • I am not anti government but I am however for less government intrusion in my life. I do not need the government to dictate to me what modalities of treatment I can or cannot have. If I want to try a modality of treatment that is not invasive like chemo and radiation I should have the right to chose said therapy. Please see the film and I promise you , you will understand my point of view.

  4. Reading about the film, I saw Dr. Burzynski’s name come up and remembered that I’d heard an interview with him and actress Suzanne Somers. As I recall, she was falsely diagnosed with cancer and was shocked at how fast the doctors wanted to start her on chemo without much discussion. Some cancers respond well to chemo and radiation, while others do not. Somers feels it is important to be informed of the odds of success and have the option to go with a different treatment.

    I was horrified to learn how little of the American Cancer Society’s money went to fighting cancer and how the bulk of the funds go to paying salaries. Yes, the costs of health care in the United States needs to be addressed, but handing the job to the government is such a bad idea. No one does less with more than the government—and they are claiming they can do more with less!. It is breathtaking how bad they are at managing anything. I don’t envision such a system being very flexible on cancer treatments.

    Redbox recently raised their movie rental rate from $1.00 to $1.20. Remember how we used to pay $3 or $4 for a video cassette rental? Today we get a more convenient, cheaper, higher quality DVD. Others can pay a similarly cheap rate to stream movies via Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. This was done not by government getting involved, but by the free market fighting for business. Let government unchain health care, not take it over.

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  6. I watched this film about 6 months ago. Explained alot. I came to the understanding, that here in the states, we “practice medicine”. And “practicing medicine” is a Big business. After being totally shocked by the truth, I was lead to search out how best to care for myself and my family .I found my answer in Genesis 1:30. “And to all the beasts of the Earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground-everything that has the breath of life in it-I give every GREEN plant for food.” And it was so. We were never meant to eat foods(animals) that acidify in our bodies, which then cause disease. Bio-Chemists are realizing the amazing healing effects of the photosynthesis process and the ability of green foods to transfer oxygen into our blood. Thus causing the regeneration of our blood cells .Another amazing area to look at is the importance of our PH level, and balancing the proper salts(calcium,magnesium,sodium and potassium),and proper hydration. Needless to say,this film has lead me to find the Truth, and for this, I am so very thankful .

  7. Please check out the sites below.
    Many cancers cannot survive in an Alkaline environment so it is advantageous for individuals to research and get on a alkaline diet. Logically you wouldn’t think acidic foods would make you alkaline but there are a few that just do that. It is important to have that list handy when shopping for an alkaline diet, it isn’t always logical. I also recommend drinking plenty of water to help flush out the dead cancer cells. You can buy drops to put in your water to make it alkaline or you can purchase a machine to hook up to your faucet. You should also take Milk Thistle, gives liver support, again to help flush out dead cancer cells.
    I also recommend doing cleansing of, heavy metals, parasites, yeasts and candida. You can also find them in a health food store. You have to give your body the tools it needs to defend itself. I call it the anti-cancer lifestyle, it’s a total revamp of what you do or do not know and implement that lifestyle change.
    Research Poly-MVA, I recommend anyone that has cancer to get on this. Poly-MVA actually goes in and targets the cancer cells, only. Now they can not claim it is a curative or else it will be considered a drug and it would have to go through numerous clinical trials before it is approved as such. It usually takes 25 years for approval, we don’t have that much time. You will find that supplements will say it supports the body or enhances but it will never claim it can prevent, treat or cure a disease. The FDA will slap their hand. That is why it is imperative to do your research.
    Knowledge is the key to taking responsibility for oneself. You can not depend on the government to do it for you, efficiently or effectively.
    I hope this answers your questions, if you have anymore please don’t hesitate, I’m here.
    Happy hunting(researching)!
    Live healthy and free,
    Donna Navarro
    You can even give it to animals. Check out the testimonials!

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