Bush on Campus

There are a number of things taking place on campus; we had Barbara Bush speak to us during our International Cultural Day assembly. That event went very well, though I am still not enthused about the lack of a Black History month assembly. I am working to restore that. Plus, I have some other ideas. First lady Bush spoke with confidence; she talked about the importance of being open-minded. The importance of respecting ALL people for who they are and what they have to offer. I knew I liked H.W. and Barbara Bush for a reason. In truth, I suspect they are far more socially liberal than most people realize.

Above First lady Bush stands on stage in front of myself, other faculty members and students, as well as invited guests from other countries. This was my second time to hear her speak. I first heard her give a lecture while an undergraduate student at Harding University; however, the difference of course is in money. Seeing that she has a grand child attending here, I am sure we did not spend $50 – 60,000 for a speaking fee. Th

This past summer, our head of school and other important people not named Carson, flew up to Maine to secure naming rights for our new conference center; it will be named the George H.W. and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders. I am not sure about how the resources and endowment elements of this work.

                        Above: Ashley Consolvo, Emma Barr, Amie Leitko,Carson, Liz Constantinou, Meg Goode, and Taylor Porchey

In response to having Barbara Bush on campus, students were in uniform. This is not the norm on Friday. A number of my favorite students asked me to wear a sweater vest with them. The idea of course was to pose for this great picture. This is one of only a few times in life I have felt like a rock star.


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