My Presidents Day

I am getting caught up on a number of things today. I had hoped to finish a paper to submit to a journal today, but it does not look like I will meet the deadline. In truth, I learned about its submission and deadline way too late. And because I am really excited about this, I elected not to rush it. There are other journals out there that I am convinced will welcome my paper on race, religion, and popular culture.

I finally got my race report posted at Getting Faster. It has taken me a bit of time but it is finally up. I have not had a great deal of breathing room of late. The J – O – B has kept me mucho busy. And, my training runs as well as my coaching has consumed me of late

Above: 3M Half-Marathon

I am also preparing for my first meeting at the Kinkaid School. I was asked to join the National Association of Independent Schools 2012 People of Color Conference committee. We are responsible for organizing this major venue that will take place here in Houston. I am pretty pumped about this. Being a part of such a big time conference is really exciting.

And then there are other things that I am working on getting done today. Cleaning and organizing the study. The yard has been ignored. I am sure there are other things that I am not noting now.


One thought on “My Presidents Day

  1. More productive than my day. Caught your act on your other blog. Boy you are fast. Best with the paper. I watched too many basketball games.

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