My Dirty Secret and A Thought on Lent

OK. Just do not tell anyone in the maintenance, physical plant, and facilities department my dirty secret. Last week after leaving campus for the weekend, I forgot to turn my coffee pot off. I always assume that I will not forget, but in the end, I did. In truth, I have only done this once. Thus, when I returned to campus the following Monday, I discovered that I had mucho scrubbing to do in order to get the baked coffee out of the pot.

Above: My pot of coffee

The first thing I do when I arrive on campus each AM is hit start on my coffee pot. I usually set it the day before to expedite the process. I have notice that I am not getting through my pot (no pun intended) like I once did. Maybe I should have given up coffee for lent? Ha! I do not think so. In truth, I avoid the “lent” thing. It seems most folks find the easy stuff to sacrifice. I am way too selfish to give up pizza, wine, and coffee. They are all staples in my diet. So, I am not going to pretend. I wonder if folks truly make a sacrifice during lent. Do they give up the things they most desire, or do they give up those things that will not inconvenience their life style?


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