Black Solidarity

A student most recently came by one afternoon requesting a quote about  black history and the plight of black folks. I stated to her, as was noted in our (HC’s) campus paper: Black history should be championed for the fact that no race throughout world history has had to succumb to forced migration and degradation like that of blacks….Thus, this is why the history of blacks must and should always be celebrated from that of other minority groups.

The history of all other groups cannot and does not compare to that of blacks. Blacks never experienced the brutality of a holocaust to the extent of Jews; however, blacks have faced far greater economic consequences due to Jim Crow. In the end, blacks must continue to seek their identity in a celebratory fashion. By way of mediums such as BET, Jet, and Ebony magazines, blacks tend to find a sense of commonality by way of race. Black solidarity is essential and necessary, even in the 21st century.


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