The Bi-racial Question

Well, the title of this post is very general and lacks a sense of in-depth ness to it. I recently came across this video on the challenges faced by one young lady who is bi-racial in a homogenous society. It is normal to see a bi-racial person here in the USA; in some parts, however, one might suspect a person of interracial origin to be as foreign as an alien (from Mars not Mexico). Hence the looks, whispers, and sense of disdain illustrated toward he/she. I have discussed the matter of European racism a great deal in my AP European History course. I remind students that things are far better here than they are there.

I have given very little thought to the matter of Asia — particularly China. We are all familiar with the historical role of racism in the fascist Japanese state during WWII. But what about China? This video is quit interesting as it showcases the challenges one very talented bi-racial girl faced being both Chinese and African-American.


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