I Got His Back….How About You?

Let us be clear, I submitted my vote a long time ago. There is no debate here.


7 thoughts on “I Got His Back….How About You?

  1. I’ve been all in since I stood on the Mall in the freezing cold to watch him be inaugurated the first time. I’m deeply invested in seeing him get a second term.

  2. When you say there is “No debate here.” do you mean for those who voted for him in 2008 and are disillusioned or less than satisfied with his first term and don’t feel particularly motivated to get out and vote for him again? Put it aside and get his back? Surely you realize half the country would disagree that there is no debate here. 🙂

  3. I just have not heard another solution. I have seen a bunch of clowns on stage in what is now called the Republican primary say what party loyalist expect them to sat. But it has all been empty. Give Obama credit for taking action from a very weak position. I am seeing the 1996 election all over again. We know what a joke that turned out to be between Dole and Clinton. I predict something pretty close. Obama will and the Dems will keep the WH while the Republicans keep the House and gain the Senate.

    Americans love divided government. However, may of them are not capable of understanding what that means.

  4. Strikes me as a bit overconfident at this point, it is still a long way to November. He certainly stands a good chance of getting reelected, but I have serious doubts that we are looking at another 1996. I think it will be much closer than that, perhaps along the lines of 2004, with the winner being decided by close margins in 2-3 swing states.

    Obama is no longer a blank slate of hope and change that voters can project whatever they want onto. He’s got a governing record to defend now and voters will be deciding how all that change worked out.

    I do agree with your call on the Congress and not simply because that is my preferred outcome. Democrats are very unlikely to pick up the seats needed to take the House back and the Senate is in play with so many Democrat seats up for reelection in this cycle that are toss ups. It is a real possibility Republicans will net the 4 seats they need, and maybe just those 4, to take the Senate 51 to 49.

  5. I’m usually a bit more measured than this, but: Obama will win in a landslide of epic proportions. Bin Laden, check. Unemployment down, check. Gas prices beginning to go down, check. Opponent, a robot from mars, check. It’s in the bag man.

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