Department Goings

Above: McClendon, Carson, Sivils, Metoyer, Malouf, and Phenicie

The HC History and Social Science Department gathered together for a small faculty party in honor of our friend and colleague, Suzan Phenicie, who has elected to leave HC for other opportunities. Phenicie was a great member of our department. She offered insights and humor in fashion that united us. Though Phenicie and I tended to see things differently, we did maintain both a very good friendship and working relationship. With Phenicie leaving, we conducted a national search for a new candidate; it was very impressive the number of CVs we received. We even interviewed a candidate from Canada.

On another note, Gabe Malouf will also be leaving our department; however, he will remain at HC. With a number of changes in the Bible & Religion Department, Malouf will oversee that department as its new chair. Gabe’s training is in theology. Thus, I am more than sure he will offer a great deal of leadership to that department.


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